Setting the Wine Bar

Introducing the latest member of the Sommi Credenza Series — the perfect solution for storing and protecting that coveted Domaine Serene "Monogram" Pinot Noir vintage 2005, while giving you a place to enjoy it with friends (if you're willing to share, that is). 

Harvesting wood for the wine bar from the family's 100-year-old barn in Oregon.

Harvesting wood for the wine bar from the family's 100-year-old barn in Oregon.

the story — from barn to bar

We love when our clients ask us to create a wine cellar to fit their unique collection and space — in fact, custom is what we’re all about.

So when a client asked us to transform our Credenza cellar into a wine bar fit for their Las Vegas pad, we were thrilled. Built out of 100-year-old barn wood we reclaimed from the client's family property in Oregon, the wine bar is a new piece of history that we hope they’ll enjoy and pass down for the next 100 years. 

The bar is accessible from both sides and will house 153 bottles of rare and collectible wines within its refrigerated compartments, while stashing stemware for everything from Champagne to Pinot Noir safely above. 

To make the journey from Oregon to Las Vegas, we knew we'd need to design this large-scale show stopper to contend with the elevators and narrow doorways common to urban homes, so we built it in sections that can easily maneuver those obstacles before final assembly on site. 

Like all of our cellars, the steel hardware is hand-forged in Bend, Oregon — in the case of the wine bar, that means the handles and latches, as well as the impressive beams for the stemware rack. 

We loved the results so much, we just had to add it to the Credenza Series, and we hope its new owners enjoy many a glass and a gathering around their new wine bar. 

interested in creating your own custom cellar or wine bar? 

All Sommi Wine Cellars begin with a free design consultation and are:

  • Fully customizable for your space and collection
  • Built with a universal racking system
  • Handcrafted with wood and high-quality finishes sourced directly from Northwest suppliers
  • Cooled with professional grade refrigeration 
  • Designed with delivery in mind — including locations with elevators, narrow doorways and stairs