What Our Customers Are Saying

“An innovative and stylish way to age your wine collection in ideal storage conditions. A showcase piece in any setting, the combination of engineered functionality and modern design highlight the uniqueness of your wine library.”

-Lucas W.


“Amazing workmanship!”

-Debbie C.


“There was no setup other than plugging it in and deciding on the temperature I wanted the cellar to run at. I would highly recommend Sommi to anyone who is considering real storage solutions for their wine and would also like to have a wonderful piece of furniture for their home.”

-Evan A.


“Not only a prized piece furniture in my condo, a wonderful storage unit for my wines. I love its detailed craftsmanship and sturdiness, AND it keeps the wines safe and at the perfect temperature throughout the year. It's a perfect blend of style and functionality.”

-Greg I.


“Superlatives all around! Design, Aesthetics, quality of materials and workmanship, delivery, installation, and functionality were all to perfection.”

-Fred K.