Meet The Makers

Each Sommi Wine Cellar is one-of-a-kind, using high-quality materials and local woods. But what makes them unlike any wine cellar or fridge on the market is the craftsmanship and personal attention from our partners, Makers Woodworks. Using our design and engineering along with 75 years of combined experience in fine woodworking, they bring each cellar from design specs to reality. 

Makers Woodworks is Garrett Michael, Justin Appel and Dan McCarl, a trio of Northwest natives who make beautiful hand-crafted furniture and cabinetry. Last week we stopped by their shop to hang out and show a behind-the-scenes peek of how Sommi Wine Cellars are made.

Justin says, “The concept of using reclaimed materials that are up to 100 years old, with the forged hardware is a goregous combination, and each cellar is going to be a little different because of the client’s needs and space, which is always a fun ride.” 

Spending time in their space and talking to them, you can tell their work is their passion — they talk about wood and the materials like a favorite family member, and when we asked about dream projects, both Garrett and Justin talked about building their own homes from the ground up. 

“Even after all these years, you see wood that jumps out at you at the yard, and it’s so interesting. We look at the grain, the color variation and the character — it’s so variable, it’s just amazing,” says Garrett.

And as for that crucial question — what wines are they drinking? 

“I’ve been enjoying the bigger red wines - the Cabs, and Malbecs — but there’s so much to offer here in the Northwest from the Gorge all the way over to the other side in Yamhill County,” says Garrett.

We can’t wait to see what comes out of their studio next. Thank you Makers! Check out more of their work at