Wine Country

A Day to Collect in Newberg

In just 45 minutes,  driving Southwest from Portland, Oregon, you step into the first part of the Willamette Valley's famous wine country in the small town of Newberg

Although a dry-town for most of its early history, Newberg is now the gateway to Oregon's world-renowned Pinot Noir wineries and vineyards. We're out this way often for business and when we're finished with work, there are several wonderful ways to cap off the day with some R&R.

If you're in the need of some pampering and super star treatment, The Allison Inn & Spa in Newberg is the place. It's a 4 star establishment, with a luxurious setting and everything under-the-sun you could look for in a resort — a variety of dining choices, incredible spa and salon, and extravagant rooms. 

If you’re not convinced that Oregon can do glitz and glam — Oprah has even been known to frequent the joint. But the highlight in our opinion is the wine collection. They showcase the finest Pinot Noir bottles from Oregon, but their list also spans the globe in choices and vintages, including the rarest of the rare — the coveted Domaine de la Romanee Conti 2006 for a reasonable $2,630 a bottle. 

For collectors looking for local underground and undervalued hits, try the Purple Hands Holstein Vineyards 2011 ($48 a bottle) and crack it open today or cellar it for a few years — we think this one’s going to be a gem. 

We can't claim the notoriety of the celebrities that stay at The Allison, but you can feel like one with a weekend stay, a comfortable seat on their patio with a glass of Pinot — and don't forget a side of their truffle fries (we know you love them too, Oprah).